Nicole Eisenman

Printed by Andrew Mockler, Jungle Press Editions, Brooklyn, New York

Red Grooms

Printed by Jennifer Melby, Jennifer Melby Editions, Brooklyn, New York

Jennifer Packer

Printed by Rob Swainston, Prints of Darkness, Long Island City, New York

Jack Pierson

Printed by David Adamson, Adamson Editions, Washington D.C.

Kiki Smith

Printed by Anthony Kirk, Anthony Kirk Editions, North Salem, New York, Photogravure plate made by Lothar Osterburg

John Walker

Printed by James Stroud, Center Street Studio, Milton Village, Massachusetts


Fine Arts Work Center - The New Provincetown Print Project


To celebrate the important role of printmaking in the history of the Provincetown art colony, as well as its central place in the artistic lives of many who have held the Visual Arts Fellowship, a number of artists and master printers supportive of the Work Center have joined forces to create a limited-edition portfolio of prints. This effort revives Michael Mazur’s New Provincetown Print Project, which from 1990 to 1994 brought renowned artists to Provincetown to create portfolios now included in the collections of numerous American museums. Participating artists Nicole Eisenman, Red Grooms, Jennifer Packer, Jack Pierson, Kiki Smith, and John Walker who have worked with master printers Tony Kirk, Jennifer Melby, Andrew Mockler, James Stroud, and Rob Swainston. The title and colophon pages were designed by Theodore Miller, and printed by Peter Kruty at Peter Kruty Editions, Brooklyn, New York. The edition folio was designed by Stuart Einhorn and produced at Taylor Box Company in Warren, Rhode Island. The edition is limited to twenty numbered copies, with ten artist’s proofs and five printer’s proofs per edition. Proceeds raised from the Project’s sales will support the Fine Arts Work Center 50th Anniversary Campaign.


History of the New Provincetown Print Project -


From 1990-1994, this venture brought artists to the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown to produce monoprints that helped support the Work Center’s residency program for emerging artists and writers. Michael Mazur (1935-2009) along with master printer Robert Townsend, guided more than twenty artists in producing five yearly portfolios. These innovative one-of-a-kind prints, combined into portfolios, were placed in museum and private collections, raising funds for the Work Center’s programs.


This project is dedicated to Michael Mazur