Press Release



August 21 - November 16, 2020
Gaa Gallery Provincetown


Gaa Gallery is pleased to present, (im)materiality, a group exhibition featuring Wilder Alison, Anina Major, Judy Pfaff, Sarah Trigg, and Erin Woodbrey. (im)materiality opens August 21 and will run through November 16, 2020 at Gaa Gallery.


(im)materiality brings together five visual artists who share the common ground of pushing the physical and conceptual boundaries of material and process. The work presented in (im)materiality embodies the coalescence of process, idea, and presence. A play on the concept of material and immaterial the title (im)materiality draws on both the concrete and tangible as well as the transient and transcendent qualities of material.


Engaging in a vast commentary on ideas concerning language, identity, the environment, and space, the work featured in (im)materiality ruminates on the nature of creating. Through materiality, one is present with the artist in all moments of the process: thinking, collecting, arranging, and reassembling. These cumulative actions are the matter-making threads that hold together the balance of concept, physicality, and being. Referencing painting, drawing, and sculpture, the artists engage in practices that blur disciplinary boundaries and celebrate craft and process. Here, materiality serves as a lens enabling to see an experience or a moment in time.