Press Release



July 3 -  August 17, 2020
Gaa Gallery Provincetown


Gaa Gallery is very pleased to reopen its space with Repose, a group exhibition featuring work by Jane Corrigan, Jen Dwyer, Patrice Aphrodite Helmar, Nan Goldin, Dani Leventhal ReStack, Autumn Wallace, and Qualeasha Wood. The artists in Repose reveal through observation the theme of the reclining figure and more generally, the topic of rest and repose. This particular time and the period of quarantine and self-isolation that has come with it, has caused most to take a break from their usual fast-paced lives and have spent more time at home. This exhibition examines notions of repose and reflects on time spent in bed. A place of intimacy often thought of as a place of rest, we spend hours in bed every day. But beds are not only used for sleep – sex, work, or reading are just some of the activities happening in bed. 


The exhibited artists for Repose, engage with thematic and cultural concerns of the body, space, and agency. The reclining figure, usually female and sometimes nude, is a well-known theme throughout art history but is shown in a different light in contemporary art. Reclining figures have historically conveyed a range of meanings, from a sense of entitlement, status, possession, passivity, power, sexuality, and voyeurism. By fully engaging with the lineage of figuration and art history, artists have transformed this posture once controlled solely by an elite, white, male gaze, to engage in broader, more specific, and personal narratives regarding gender, identity, race, and class.


All of us at the gallery are looking forward to reopening. Abiding by the COVID-19 protocol set forth by the state, masks are required. During your visit we kindly ask that you maintain at least 6 feet of social distance. Please call +1 508 413 9621, email, or visit to schedule an appointment.